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Here's what Reading Groups had to say...

"It was a great pleasure to invite Stephanie to my home for one of our book club meetings to discuss BLIND SPOT. Being a small club, 12 members, this was our first meeting where the author attended. It proved to be a great deal of fun, along with very informative input from Stephanie. We therefore asked Stephanie to one of the other member's homes to discuss QUIET TIME. This also was a great experience. We are planning to continue our author/member relationship with Stephanie for all future books. As Secretary/Treasurer of our book club, I highly recommend having her discuss her books with your group. I feel that I too can be an "Oprah"!"

- Zelma Piccone, The Not-So-Tea Totalers


"As readers, our mystery book club had the pleasure of both reading BLIND SPOT and hearing from the author. Not only was the story excellent, but to have Stephanie Kane talk to us about the trials, tribulations and joys of how the book came to be was like a cherry on top of an ice cream sundae. You must experience it!"

- Don H. More, Koelbel Library Mystery Book Club


"Our book club, which has been in existence for more than twenty years, recently invited Stephanie Kane to discuss QUIET TIME and BLIND SPOT. Stephanie's willingness to answer our questions and explain to us about becoming an author was very informative and quite entertaining. Her law background and detailed descriptions really increased the mystery and suspense of her novels for us, and she gave us more information than any author who has ever come. What impressed us most was her willingness to share. We highly recommend inviting Stephanie to join a meeting of your book club - it made for a lot of good discussion and an afternoon we won't soon forget!"

- Norma Callender, Applewood-Genesee Book Club


"January is 'Stephanie Kane' month at our book club. Last year we had so much fun discussing BLIND SPOT we're expecting a full house again for QUIET TIME!"

- Joan Eaton, Co-Chair - South Grant Street Book Club


"I've participated in a book club for several years, and it was suggested that after reading a selection we ask the 'real live author' of the work to join in dinner and discussion. This event added a quality of immediacy to both reading and discussion of BLIND SPOT, a recent novel by authoress Stephanie Kane. It sharpened everyone's interest in reading - after all, you had to appear to know what was going on. Even better, discussion allows the author to 'light up' while reliving the writing experience. As each club member responds, they add perspective. Then a blending of ideas transforms the discussion of the experience that the book provided, unique to both the individuals and the evening. Top-notch participation on all levels!"

- Becky Finn                                                       


"It was delightful and stimulating having Stephanie Kane as a guest at our book club gathering. We enjoyed putting a face to an author. It was fascinating to learn how Stephanie chose to become an author and the process she goes through to develop an idea and ultimately have a book published. QUIET TIME is mystery genre at its best. The characters were believable and the character development was excellent. It's a real page turner."

- Ellen Lozow, The "G.B." Book Club                  


"Having Stephanie in attendance as we discussed her book made for one of the best meetings in memory. With every book, we always wonder, 'What was the author thinking here? What's the background, why this choice and not another?' And there she was with a thoughtful response. It was quickly apparent that Stephanie could handle any question or opinion about her book or any other book with ease. Bless her, she didn't hold back. Scared at least one would-be fiction writer back to her day job."

- Lisa Hartman                                                    

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