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Seeds of Doubt - New Crime Novel

Denver Post Bestseller

"A fast-paced, satisfying ride that succeeds in raising some interesting questions... The novel's climax is heart- stopping, and its conclusion just right.”
                                                  - The Denver Post

A six-year-old is missing and the city goes on high alert. When his body is found at a local park, suspicion falls on a woman with a notorious past: Rachel Boyd, who was recently paroled after serving thirty years for the murder of a young playmate. Jackie Flowers does more than take Rachel’s case; she brings Rachel into her home. As history threatens to repeat itself, Jackie is forced to confront whether anyone can truly be redeemed.

Extreme Indifference - Murder Mystery, Legal Thriller

"Sturdy intrigue in and out of court with an especially sharp eye
for the riptides of power running just beneath the legal quiddities."
                                                                              -- Kirkus Reviews

On a snowy roadside just west of Boulder, naked but for a pair of handcuffs and a filthy dog collar, a young woman stumbles out of the wilds on a bitterly cold March night. The girl is Amy Lynch, a university coed last seen at a local bar. It seems the handcuffs, much to the shock of local defense attorney Jackie Flowers, belonged to Jackie’s former law professor, Glenn Ballard—a powerful federal judge possessed of a sterling reputation and boundless political ambition. Before Jackie can even begin to get her head around what’s happened, Ballard has tapped her to lead his defense.


Blind Spot - Legal Thriller


"A gripping psycho-legal thriller of the first order, combining the better elements of Lisa Scottoline's legal thriller work & the psychological thriller works of James Patterson...."        

"Riveting stuff."
                                                                                 -- The ABA Journal

Called to defend entrepreneur Aaron Best in the grisly slaying of a millionaire's trophy wife, dyslexic lawyer Jackie Flowers takes on criminal profiling and a serial killer in Blind Spot, her debut legal thriller.


Quiet Time - Psychological Thriller

"Stephanie Kane does it again. Quiet Time keeps your mind thinking
and your heart racing
-- What a great read!"

                                                                     -- Rikki Klieman, Court TV

The facade of an all-American family is shattered forever when Peggy Scott is murdered one week before her son's wedding in Quiet Time, a new psychological thriller by Stephanie Kane. A chilling account of secrets and lies handed down from generation to generation.

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