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On a snowy roadside just west of Boulder, naked but for a pair of handcuffs and a filthy dog collar, a young woman stumbles out of the wilds on a bitterly cold March night. The girl is Amy Lynch, a university coed last seen at a local bar It seems the handcuffs, much to the shock of local defense attorney Jackie Flowers, belonged to Jackie's former law professor, Glenn Ballard-a powerful federal judge possessed of a sterling reputation and boundless political ambition. Before Jackie can even begin to get her head around what's happened, Ballard has tapped her to lead his defense.

As devastating evidence mounts against her client, Jackie works to unravel the victim's history-her moneyed lineage and all-American exterior prove to have belied a disturbing penchant for self-scarring and illicit body piercings. Who was Amy Lynch? Perhaps even more important: who exactly is Glenn Ballard? A funny thing about judges: no matter which way they rule, someone always gets hurt. Jackie herself may be next .



"Although all of the characters in this novel are well drawn and interesting, top billing must go to Flowers herself. Author Kane has given her some unique baggage: She suffers from dyslexia. After reading Extreme Indifference, you'll know about that disability and its consequences beyond the problem of transposing letters in words."

Cleveland Plain Dealer


One hell of a book... The story is thrilling, suspenseful and chilling, & the one predictable thing about Kane's books are their unpredictability. Highly recommended.


Extreme Indifference has odd characters you will care about, the issues will keep you turning the pages, and the all-so-human heroine, Jackie Flowers, grounds the whole book. The end has a surprise, but nothing is left too pat.

The Denver Post


Kane, who has been both a criminal defense lawyer and partner in a Denver law firm, knows her way around a courtroom, and watching Jackie manage the story's legal high-jinks makes for fun reading, as does the Denver setting. Put Kane on your holiday shopping list for those hard-to-buy-for lawyers.

Rocky Mountain News


Kane, a former partner in a large 17th Street Denver law firm, realistically depicts the chaos of juggling multiple cases and the conflict between professional obligations and personal needs that all attorneys face.

Boulder Daily Camera


Legal thrillers are most enjoyable when the case at hand seems utterly and completely unwinnable. In Stephanie Kane's Extreme Indifference, the deck is definitely stacked against defense attorney Jackie Flowers.... The story is both fast-moving and intriguing, made all the more compelling by Flowers' dyslexia, a disability she works hard to keep hidden from others.

San Francisco Chronicle


Stephanie Kane's uncommonly crafty heroine proves an entertaining and eye-opening guide to the tough skin needed to make it in the legal world (especially if you have considerable trouble reading). Readers will be equally captivated by Kane's authenticity, colorful characters and natural gift for storytelling.

Intermountain Jewish News


Jackie's ongoing struggle with dyslexia not only evokes sympathy from readers but also makes them cognizant of the various ways dyslexia manifests itself.  In trying to rise above all this and still do her job, Jackie wins over the reader's admiration as well.  The central murder plot is twisted enough to keep readers guessing, while the spicy details of the sex scandal are guaranteed to keep them hooked in fascinated horror....  This in-depth book, which takes a candid look at people as well as raises some riveting questions about law,ensure that Stephanie Kane is not an author to be missed .

Rashmi Srinivas    


Fast-paced, tightly written, and very hard to put down.  Its only fault is that it ends.  I especially like Jackie -- faced with odds most people would surrender to, she found her own way to be where she wanted to be.  Even when her life is at stake, she pulls through with courage and conviction.

Mary Ann Smyth
BookLoons Reviews


An excellent legal thriller...  This one is highly recommended.

Nancy Eaton


Kane subtly examines the effects that occur when people treat each other with indifference. When the indifference is extreme, the consequences are as well. Kane's license frees her to use her deft wit to comment on our legal system and the people who inhabit it.

Rap Sheet



A great read. Stephanie Kane is a talented storyteller who created an entertaining mystery and inspirational tale for those who struggle with unseen weaknesses every day. This story is a great example of how our weaknesses become our strengths.


Kane will keep you guessing in this tense legal thriller with plenty of authentic background courtesy of the author's legal background.


Unlike a lot of fictional crime investigators, Flowers is neither superwoman nor a haunted, driven loner. Her frustrations with her dyslexia add to the picture of a struggling, stubborn and highly appealing woman.... In this careful portrait, the reader feels a sliver of sympathy in addition to the predictable aversion.

Publishers Weekly


Stephanie Kane writes legal thrillers that are on a par with John Grisham and Scott Turow. The court room scenes are incredibly realistic, hard hitting and action-packed.

Midwest Book Review

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